You are cordially invited to submit your artwork to A Tee Party, Gallery Le Snoot’s latest extravaganza!

This ain’t your nana’s tea party, though— At Le Snoot’s Tee Party, your artwork will be featured on a hand-screened t-shirt, along with t-shirt designs from dozens of other local and international artists. All approved work will be shown and available for purchase at the Tee Party opening reception on March 29th.

So drink a little tea and eat a little sponge cake, then get to submitting!


Artwork Guidelines:

-Anyone can submit!
-Enter as many times as you'd like!

-Any subject matter

1. We reserve the right to print your design on a t-shirt color we choose (due to fluctuation in shirt prices) but let us know your color preference from black, white, red, turquoise, and indigo.

2. Select 1-3 colors of ink, from the options provided: red, white, black, blue, yellow, gold, silver, turqouise

-Please create your PSD using ONLY the colors chosen, and using a separate layer for each color.


3. Must be no larger than 12x20 inches or a proportionate Adobe Illustrator file

Submission Guidelines:

-All submissions are due by March 17
-Email submissions to or drop off a CD at the Cupcake Emporium (6 East State Street)
-Include: Name, Title, Medium, e-mail, and phone number
-Submit your design(s) as a jpeg
-If your submission is approved, please send a PSD file from 300 to 600 dpi with SEPARATE COLOR LAYERS

-Color Profile: Adobe 1998 (preferred but not required)